Basic Characteristics

SRS furnish a family of access platforms mounted on 17 and 25 tonne vehicles.

All telescopic platforms (cherry pickers / skylifts) have a safe working load of 350 kg. At maximum extension access baskets will withstand a lateral force of 2,000 Newtons which allows overhead wire to be strung safely in curved track.

All access vehicles may be fitted with measuring pantographs for checking wire height and stagger

All access vehicles may also be fitted with hydraulic wire lifters.

17 tonne vehicles may be fitted with

  • 2 or 3 boom platforms.
  • 4 or 5 boom platforms for bridge inspection
  • In both cases the basket floor is lifted 10m above rail height and 5.6m laterally

25 tonne vehicles may be fitted with

  • A single skylift lifting the platform floor 12m above rail height, 5.5m sideways and 10.5m along the track
  • A single large scissor lift platform, 6.7m long (sufficient for two droppers), lifting 5.6m above rail height, and slewing 4.2m sideways
  • Scissor lift platform / Skylift combinations, typically a 9m skylift with a small scissors platform
  • A man basket on the end of a Palfinger PR290 crane jib